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Test footage B4 production

Rockets In Space

Rescue Above Neptune

A rocket crew rescues others from a scientific expedition gone wrong. The rescued scientist, reporter, cadet, and the rocket crew must deal with a giant space monster attached to the outside of the rocketship, an alien egg trying to eat it’s way into the cadet, and a possessed reporter speaking on behalf of the monster… or rather “mother” outside the ship that wants her egg born.

This film will be a serious science fiction film balanced with the campy nature of the black & white aesthetic of 1930's scifi like Flash Gordon.

Project Status


After video conference rehearsals, the Cast and Crew showed up to set in July, 2020 to film the primary shots. What a great experience! Now the film is "in the can", but will take many months to edit together and work on sound design, special effects, etc. Sign up to the email on this page or follow the project on Facebook to stay updated.

Premieres March 25 2022 in Dover NH

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Mitch Fortier profile

Mitch Fortier

Will be playing the part of Rocket Captain, Avery Lockmore.

View his website »

Killarney Traynor profile

KJ Traynor

Killarney will be rocking the roll of Sam Lynch, Rocketship Engineer.

View her website »

Kris Salviprofile

Kris Salvi

Kris will be playing Edwin Flynn - First Officer, Rocketship Crewmember.

See his IMDB »

Kate Eppers profile

Kate Eppers

Reberta Vogel - Reporter from the Martian Gazette.

View her website »

Bob Tourangeau profile

Bob Tourangeau

Bob will be playing the professor, Frank Nugermire.

See his IMDB »

Isaac George profile

Isaac George

Finnigan Wing - The Space Cadet will be played by non other than Isaac!

Louie Martinez profile

Louie Martinez

We'll be hearing his unique voice as the radio DJ.

Watch his YouTube »

Behind the Camera

Ethan Aho profile

Ethan Aho

Writer / Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Editor / Marketer

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Wayne Aho profile

Wayne Aho

Behind the scenes photography and videos. Cast photos. There to help.

View his website »

Ryan David Rogers profile

Ryan David Rogers

On set sound. Ryan is a fellow NH based filmmaker that will be focused on capturing great audio.

View his website »

Tristan Aho profile

Tristan Aho

Helping with set building and sound effects.

Giovani Freitas profile

Giovani Freitas

Graphic artist helping with film poster and other artwork.

Gio's Instagram »

Also, a big thank you!

To all the people not listed above that have helped me along with this project!