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Not everyone can make it to the Red Carpet event of Rockets in Space: Rescue Above Neptune. Maybe you’re too far away? Maybe you have health concerns. Maybe you’re fighting an arch enemy who’s kidnapped your family and you just can’t squeeze in the theatrical showing of a retro scifi film. Don’t worry, Rockets in Space is there for you with a “Premiere in a Box“.

Limited Run: I am only making 25 Premieres in Boxes. That’s it! Will the film be available in other formats? Well… eventually. But the final DVD, digital download, and streaming services will take a bit. This lets you see the film earlier, helps support an indie filmmaker, plus you get all the stuff below!

Box includes:

  1. A special DVD of the movie and other videos that are being used at the Red Carpet event. The film itself (~40 min runtime), blooper reel, behind the scenes, and a special message from the creator specific to the Premiere in Box.
  2. A postcard sized poster with a special, handwritten message on the back from the Director.
  3. An actual set piece from the film. Something small from set that was used on camera. Take home a piece of film history! And no… not a ray gun. Sorry. Just something small from the set. No spoilers 😉
  4. A full set of Trading Cards. That’s right. In true retro scifi fashion, a small set of trading cards is being released with the film and you’ll have a complete set.
  5. A unique-to-you coupon to receive a 1080HD digital download of the final film when that becomes available. I’ll even send you an email to let you know when you can use your coupon. You can then download the digital format directly to your digital device of choice.
  6. Microwavable Popcorn because it’s a movie premiere!

When does this ship? The earlier the box will ship is March 24th (the Red Carpet event is March 25th). The latest is April 16th. The date is dependent on having all supplies, including DVDs (full case with artwork), and other printed materials arrive. Things that can take a while to produce and ship. Everyone that orders one will be provided updates via email from me, a human.

Price includes: Shipping within the USA